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 Why is everyone panicking? Did something happen while I wasn't around? It seems I'm missing something but I can't seem to place my hand on it... So what is going on..? Could someone tell me?  @_@

 I guess I've gained some human parts as well... is this natural? Humans are too confusing ;w;

 Seems like Ms. Daisy also looks very different... ;w;;;;;

 ((Latias is still wearing a skirt btw even as a guy so... someone could tell her off lol;;; ))

Lets do something together?

 I was thinking after the holidays we haven't done much so want to get together and talk about what we did in the holidays perhaps? I think it'd be nice for you guys to meet each other too since you guys are such nice people <33

 So how about it? I'm fine with anyone coming but could you guys tell me so I can get some snacks ready?

 ((Holiday talk times and yup, tell me if you want to come, it's going to be an open log but I want to know how many people are coming lmao;;;; ))

 P.S. Please do come Siren, Ziggy and Ray~?

Secret Santa gift: For Nyx.

  *wrapped in a flower petaled wrapper, is a gengar plushie and attached is a drawing of Nyx herself, somehow crudely done but noticably Latias's style.*

 Note attached: "I hope you like it Ms. Nyx. I wasn't sure what you would like.. Merry Christmas"

 Worrying she left it infront Nyx's door, hoping she would pick it up.

I want a Christmas tree....

 Latios brother, Ray Ray and Mr. Red...?

 Could we make a mini Christmas tree? I was looking through Christmas books and they seemed so fun to make.... Sorry if I'm being annoying... ;_;;;;

 I'm not sure how to get started.... should I go pluck one of the pine trees out? It's quite easy when you have dragon powers... >u<


So cold...

 The weather is getting so much colder... It wish I had more resistance against the snow and ice. I believe I heard from my brother that we dragons are not great with it... Perhaps more "Calm Mind" might help me resist against it...

 How are you guys a handling the cold? I head that things like hot cocoa helps... I am wearing more layers of clothing to keep me warm, and it seems like many others are doing it too. My ears are cold sometimes though...

 Siren, you seem to be well accustomed to the cold...I guess that means we could go flying if I can withstand the frost?


[Private to Brother]

 Could we go back home sometime? :3

 I do miss everyone back there.... I'm sure they miss us too? ;_;

 I'm sure you miss the heard there as well.... although I'm not sure if they still are angry u_u;;;

Sudden interest in pokemon?

  It seems that the whole school has their attention on pokemon? Where did the sudden rise in interest come from? >:;;;;

 Does that mean all the pokemon here can find trainers?? Perhaps... I could as well? I'm a very useful pokemon.... I can use psychic, does anyone need my assistance? I think people called me legendary as well...

 Just don't tell my brother then I could help out with trainer people :3;; <3

 Oh brother, what if you read this.... ahhh;;;; Er.. It's more like helping out than being someone's pokemon... okay?

 Who... whoever took my soul dew better give it back before I er... dragon claw you. I'll er... attack you and make you feel sorry for youself.... er... please? I don't want to hurt you but yea. You better watch out cause... I need my soul dew and er... thanks for giving back Ms. Daisy's stuff. But wait... oh.. you are still a thief so maybe er.... give back the stuff and people might not be as mad?

 Please? Before the whole school decides to attack you and all... that'd be horrible.

 Please don't make my brother tired... he has been looking for it for a long time and I heard that it's theft and... my brother isn't the most nicest guy when it comes to thefts so er.... yes you better give it back... Please?

 Oh... Mawile left... I hope he will be alright where ever he may be... I hope he wasn't mad at me ;_;
 ((Oops, it was supposed to be able to be read by everyone, and latios is the only one who can't derp))


OOC post: A question to all.

 I've been seeing all the drops when I checked lately.... And I've also been thinking about if I had any direction with Latias and Lucario...

 Lately I've been thinking one of them must go but then I've also been wondering if they had a chance in me before this....

 Any ideas, suggestions what they could do? The only thing that are keeping them here are.. their relationships yea, which lack as well.

 I can't even remember if there would be anyone who would miss them if they were gone lol XD;;; Other then Roselia and Latios for each character I guess....

 Thank you. My report cards are almost out so after that evil thing out of the way, I'll feel better I hope Unless the grades are horribleee



I'll cheer up...

I'm okay now... sorry for making you all so worried....;;


 Private to self [hackable]Collapse )